Over the last few years, I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to share my views through various mediums, not just writing.

Here are some of my favourites...

The Investors Podcast: The Hidden Cost of Money
This has been, by far, my favourite podcast to date. Truly humbled & appreciative. From the depth of my heart, thank you, Preston, for the opportunity, & the phenomenal conversation.
What Bitcoin Did Podcast: The Hidden Cost of Money
Since falling down the rabbit hole that is Bitcoin, I have been listening to Peter and Danny and the countless phenomenal guests they have brought on. I was, therefore, in total shock when I was given the opportunity to fly down to Nashville and join the boys on the pod.
We Are All Satoshi
In this talk, filmed by @VanBitcoiners, I go deep into the profound impact of money, the challenges with our current fiat system, and the promise Bitcoin holds for our future. In this talk, I’ll discuss: * The historical and societal implications of fiat money. * How currency shapes individual b…
How Bitcoin Challenges Broken Money Systems
In this podcast episode, I was lucky enough to join Scott from Block Rewards to discuss the potential for Bitcoin to bring financial freedom and authenticity to individuals. We explore the limitations of traditional fiat currencies and the unique, decentralized nature of Bitcoin. We also delve into…
Why Are We Bullish?
I am super grateful for the opportunity to join Ben from BTC Sessions on his weekly “Why are we Bullish?” series alongside Scott from Block Rewards and John from Swan. This wide-ranging chat was a blast. Enjoy…
Bitcoin Basics Series
These podcast are part of a multipart series (out roughly once a month) where the fundamentals of Bitcoin are explored in laid back, conversational, round table type style. I join Josh & Dan, hosts of the Blue Collar Podcast and DazBea, my partner in Looking Glass Education. Enjoy! Episode One…
Once Bitten! Podcast
I have to say. This has been one of my favourite podcasts to date. Daniel Prince, the host of the Once Bitten! podcast, and I go deep into my article, “The Surprising Solution to Our Downfall in Culture & Authenticity,” and discuss everything from parenting to Bitcoin. Enjoy. P.s. you
Macro & Bitcoin Education
I have been listening to the Investors Network and Preston Pysh for many years now, so to have the opportunity to join Preston on the pod was truly an honour. In this conversation with Greg Foss, James Lavish, Jason Sansone, Preston and myself, we dive into all things macro, Bitcoin,
Should We Be Worried About a Collapsing Population?
In October 2022, I had the opportunity to visit Prague and speak at the Liberty in Our Lifetime conference hosted by the Free Cities Foundation. In his talk, I discuss everything from how our economy works to the importance of sound money and education. I have to say, meeting a
Idea Creation & Inner Programming
In November 2022, Sama asked if I wanted to join him on the Bitcoin Consciousness podcast, and I jumped at the opportunity. I have listened to a handful of his other talks, and I have to say, this is one of my favourite podcasts as it dives into that intersection
Bitcoin, The School System And Life As A Game Of Luck
I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to join my good friend on brand his new podcast on reading and learning. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Could Bitcoin Be the Global Reserve Currency?
I have to be honest... I have more experience on the interviewee side of things than the interviewer, but its always good to push your comfort zone. A little while back, I had the incredible opportunity to interview someone on Real Vision—a platform which greatly assisted me in developing
Education, Inflation, and the Potential Illusion of Free Will
Dylan reached out to me asking if I wanted to join him on his newly created podcast, Books and Bitcoin, and so of course I said, “definitely!” I have to admit, this podcast caught me by surprise. I was expecting the usual conversation about Bitcoin and macroeconomics, and it was
Why and How Does Bitcoin Influence What We Strive to Achieve?
I am going to be honest... Initially, I reached out to John Vallis to discuss his article “Money Messiah.” I didn’t expect to join him on his podcast, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire. We, therefore, set a date to chat and a few weeks later that date was upon us. Ten minutes before
Coaching Complexity Simply
Most podcasts revolve around what’s happening in the media or are focused on educating the user. This podcast, Bitcoin With Jake, was a pleasure to be on as Jake dives into the backstory of each of his guests, getting to know them and how they came to be who they