What Bitcoin Did Podcast: The Hidden Cost of Money

Bitcoin Feb 19, 2024

Since falling down the rabbit hole that is Bitcoin, I have been listening to Peter and Danny and the countless phenomenal guests they have brought on. I was, therefore, in total shock when I was given the opportunity to fly down to Nashville and join the boys on the pod. I feel truly honoured for this opportunity to talk about Bitcoin, money, and, of course, my book, The Hidden Cost of Money.

Podcast Description:

“It doesn’t matter, in any of these nation states, who you vote for; ultimately, I think until we actually re-align the incentives in society by separating money and state we will not have a system that actually supports the individual.”
— Seb Bunney

Seb Bunney is the co-founder of Looking Glass Education and author of The Hidden Cost of Money. In this interview, we discuss what money is, the effect that broken money has on society, fiat incentives and how Bitcoin fixes this.