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Issue #3 - The Impending Demographic Catastrophe

Future Oct 19, 2022

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Thought-Provoking Quote:

"Either we reduce the world's population voluntarily or nature will do this for us, but brutally." - Maurice Strong

Well, I guess we don't have to hand the reigns over to nature just yet. We seem to have shoved a spanner in the works under our own doing. Let me explain...

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear among people is that the world population is exponentially growing.

Although certain countries are still growing at a rapid clip, that is not the case for the West and many large nations, including the largest, China.

In a recent study, the People's Bank of China found that their population could halve over the next 45 years.

The US is experiencing a growth rate of 0.35%, the lowest annual growth rate since at least 1900.

And between 2019 and 2036, Canada's population aged 65 and over will increase by nearly 60% compared to 10% for 65 and below.

What's more, the number of live births has fallen off a cliff.

"Houston, we have a problem"

These numbers are outside the realm of pulling some levers here or there and adjusting course. We have an impending catastrophe on our hands.

Numerous countries now incentivize women to have children, but people aren't biting. Everyone is still recovering from the barrage of media telling us the world will starve from overpopulation.

This brings me to...

Insightful content which made me go, hmm...

A little while back, I went on a content binge, listening to every episode of Robert Breedlove's "What is Money?" podcast. In doing so, I stumbled upon this gem, "The Ultimate Macro Framework," where Raoul Pal explains how we got to where we are today and what the future may hold.

Long story short. After world war 2, we witnessed the golden 50's and 60's. During this period, houses were cheap and technology developed during the war was retooled into consumer goods such as washing machines, kitchenware, cars etc., all while commodities and labour were still relatively inexpensive.

The American dream was alive, and the single-salary nuclear family was thriving.

With technology and manufacturing booming, and the economy flourishing the world was euphoric. And what does everyone do when in a state of ecstasy? Copulate... a lot.

As a result, the US population grew by 60%, and the global population doubled.

By the late 60s, the baby boomers started entering the workforce, which triggered the largest increase in the labour force ever in history. With all these new workers having money to spend and needing housing, cars, travel etc. I am sure you can guess what happens next.

Supply can't keep up with demand, and prices explode.

Not only did we experience the most significant labour force increase, but we also went through the largest demand shock the world has ever seen. As a result, wages stopped rising due to the abundance of workers.

Individuals who were promised and witnessed their parents experience the American dream were short-changed. Instead, they encountered a world of gradually debasing currencies and rising asset prices.

With looming economic pressures, single-earner households could no longer survive, so mothers started entering the workforce. The traditional nuclear family started its decline.

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Anyhow... fast forward 20 years and the world is in a very different place and economic pressures continue to escalate. What were once substantial tailwinds driving growth and prosperity have now turned into colossal headwinds.

We no longer have the tremendous population boom.

We no longer have an expanding workforce driving growth.

And... we no longer have affordable housing.

Instead, we are faced with a potentially declining population, dwindling workforce, unobtainable house prices and rising debt levels.

What can we do?

Well, for me, this week's quote and podcast really highlight that although globalization has brought about much change and benefits, we have become accustomed to everything being at our fingertips. But this convenience comes with a cost, a hefty reliance on others.

With these headwinds slowly increasing in force, now more than ever, self-sovereignty and self-sufficiency are vital for prosperity. As the veneer of globalism is starting to show some cracks, forge security and independence. And, no, I'm not talking about building a bunker. Take pride in buying local, invest in self-sovereign assets such as Bitcoin, set up a cabbage patch, and immerse yourself in your local community, as this world can change in a heartbeat.

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